Medical Company, 14th Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Division
Near Sokso-ri, Korea
12 March 1952

As the only combat Medic attached on a combat night patrol, Pfc. Womack had responsibility for every man in the platoon. He took that responsibility to heart.

Unexpected and sudden contact with a numerically superior enemy force turned into an intense firefight leaving numerous U.S. Casualties. At the first shout of Medic, PFC Womack went through the metamorphosis from simple aid-man to that Superhuman Creature we respectfully call “Doc.”

Doc Womack went into action…

The only way to administer aid was to be completely exposed to enemy fire, this didn’t make any difference to Doc Womack. Although seriously wounded, he refused aid himself so he could continuBryant_E_Womacke to administer aid.  Womack kept moving from wounded man to wounded man administering medical aid until he was again struck by enemy mortar fire which severed his right arm.

Likely knowing just about how long it would take for him to bleed out, Doc Womack refused to leave the wounded and gave detailed instructions to another soldier so he could continue to treat his fallen comrades by proxy using the other soldier’s hands.

Womack remained on the scene and directed others in first aid techniques until the last man was treated and the platoon able to withdraw with their wounded.  Doc Womack was the last man to withdraw.  He walked to the rear where he collapsed from blood loss and died.


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