Company E, 141st Infantry, 36th ID
Haguenau, France
13 March 1945

T/Sgt.  Crain was at the lead of a platoon during the struggle to enlarge the bridgehead crainacross the Moder River. Crain spearheaded the attack himself, killing 10 enemy soldiers and capturing a dozen more while securing the objective near an important road junction.

The battle went on for several hours and despite heavy concentrations of artillery, mortar, and self-propelled gunfire raking the area, Crain moved from man to man, exhorting and encouraging them to stand firm.

He delivered ammunition and supplies to his gun positions, exposing himself to enemy fire on each trip. At sunset, the enemy barrage intensifier, and enemy armor joined the fray covering enemy infantry as they moved forward.

As buildings were blasted by the Germans, the Americans fell back from house to house. T/Sgt. Crain took command of a platoon of reinforcements, then charged through murderous tank and small-arms fire to the foremost house, where he found 5 enemy defenders. Outmanned by a second squad of enemy soldiers and a Panzer bearing down at point-blank range, Crain ordered the men to withdraw.  T/Sgt.  Crain remained to over their retreat.

With enemy artillery crashing through the walls and bullets hitting all around him, Crain held his ground, delivering accurate fire from his submachinegun killing 3 of the attacking Germans. Crain was killed when an enemy tank round disintegrated the building.


As the result of his actions, T/Sgt.  Crain’s men were able to pull back to a position of cover and regroup and organize a counter attack taking the objective from the enemy permanently.



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