2nd Platoon, B Co, 11th Eng Bn
3rd Infantry Division.

Baghdad, Iraq
4 Apr 2003

SFC Paul R. Smith was engaged in the construction of a prisoner of war holding areasmith 4 when his unit was engaged by a company-sized enemy force.

When it was clear that his position might be overrun by a numerically superior force, with over 100 of his men in great jeopardy – SFC Smith took the initiative, if they were to live and fight another day,  a counter-attack was mandatory.

Smith swiftly organized reaction force made up of approx. 2 platoons, and four armored vehicles. Braving heavy fire, he engaged the enemy with hand grenades and anti-tank weapons before organizing the evacuation of wounded soldiers.

SFC Smith somehow dodged enemy bullets as he moved forward to a disabled APC, manning the .50 Cal, with complete disregard for anything but the welfare of his men, he put accurate, deadly fire on advancing enemy troops.

Smith maintained his exposed position, laying covering fire for his men.  His courage precipitated the safe withdrawal of wounded American soldiers and was the fulcrum that tipped the battle to victory instead of defeat.
SFC Smith gave his life for his brothers.


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