ODB-55, 5th SFG
Chau Doc Province,  RVN 
5 April 1970

Sgt. Buker, was serving as a platoon adviser of a Vietnamese mobile strike force company bukerduring an offensive mission to clear a well-guarded pass and establish a base of operations at the top of what had been an impenetrable mountain fortress.

When the platoon came under the intense fire from 2 heavily fortified bunkers, Sgt Buker could see that withdrawal would result in heavy casualties.  With complete disregard for his own safety, Sgt. Buker charged through the barrage of machine-gun fire to destroy the first bunker with hand grenades.

While reorganizing his men for the attack on the second bunker, Sgt. Buker was seriously wounded. Buker ignored the pain and crawled forward to destroy the second bunker. Sgt. Buker refused medical attention and was reorganizing his men to continue the attack when he was mortally wounded.

As a direct result of his heroic actions, many casualties were averted, and the assault of the enemy position was successful.


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