Robert Eugene Bush
Hospital Apprentice First Class,
U.S. Naval Reserve
Okinawa Jima, Ryukyu Islands
2 May 1945

Robert Bush was a reservist serving as Medical Corpsman with a rifle company with Bush_Robertthe1st Marine Division when the call of “CORPSMAN” rang out.

Bush Fearlessly moved from casualty to casualty, attending the wounded despite the hail of enemy rounds.  Bush was advancing to administer blood plasma to a wounded Marine officer when the Japanese launched a savage counterattack.

Disregarding his exposed position, Bush stayed with is patient maintaining the flow of life-giving plasma.

With the IV -bottle in one hand, 45-pistol in with the other Bush engaged the enemy until his ammunition was expended. Then he took up the fallen Marine’s Carbine, still holding the IV-bottle, the Corpsman engaged the enemy with his other hand killing six at point-blank range.

bush in combat

With the enemy repelled and with complete disregard for his own wounds, in spite of having an eye shot out of his head –  he calmly refused medical treatment for himself until his officer patient had been evacuated.

He accepted aid only after his men were evacuated. He was attempting to walk to the aid station when he collapsed from blood loss.

Robert Eugene Bush made that last muster on November 8, 2005.  He was 89.


bush old
Robert E. Bush in his later years

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