US Coast Guard Crew
USS Menges (DE-320)
3 May 1944

The Destroyer Escort USS Menges, manned by a Coast Guard crew,  was acting as convoy escort in the Mediterranean when an acoustic torpedo fired by the U-371 hit and destroyed her stern. Thirtyone of her crew were killed in the attack, but Menges’ crew would get their revenge.

USS Menges after attack

Menges underwent repairs, she returned to battle to score a kill on the enemy submarine U-866.
Then 30 May 1945, USS Menges Sailed as escort to the last convoy to Europe, CU-73, arriving in Cheshire on 8 June.

During the time Menges’ crew was activated and assigned to operate Menges, the Coast Guard Crew racked up a tally of at least one enemy attack bomber, protected dozens of transports from attack,  taken two enemy prisoners, and rescued 137 survivors from USS Lansdale (DD 426) after she was sunk by a torpedo bomber.  – They did their part in the war.

Author’s note.

The Coast Guard is often looked at like they are a lesser member of the Armed forces.

A “Second String” little brother to the Navy.  – Bullshit!

The fact of the matter is that the Coast Guard or one of its predecessors has taken part in every military conflict the United States has been involved in since the War of 1812.

A total of 270,000 Coast Guard members were involved in wartime service, many in direct combat operations.   241,000 served in WWII.

574 were KIA and 4 were POWs.

There is NOTHING “second string” about the US Coast Guard.

“Semper Paratus”


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