B Co. 1st Bn, 7th Cavalry
1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).
A Shau Valley, RVN
4 May 1968.

While serving as rifle platoon leader, 1Lt Fournet led his platoon in an advance uphill fournetagainst a heavily fortified enemy position.

Heavy enemy sniper fire threatened the LT and his men at every turn.  The soldier on the right flank discovered an enemy claymore set up to ambush their advance and shouted a warning to his buddies. This also alerted the enemy of the fact that the ambush had been revealed.

Realizing the enemy would more than likely detonate the weapon immediately; Fournet ordered his men to take cover and ran toward the booby-trap.   With absolute disregard for his safety,  he used his body as a shield in front of the mine as he attempted to slash the Clacker-wires and prevent detonation.

The enemy detonated the Claymore, killing Fournet instantly. Five of his men were slightly wounded, but 1Lt. Fournet’s unselfish act saved his men serious injury or death.

This officer gave his life to protect his men.  No greater love exists.



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