3rd Maine Infantry
Battle of Seven Pines
Fair Oaks, Va.
1 June 1862

During the Battle of Seven Pines SGM Haskell was in position with 3rd Maine Infantry. 7 pines map

Every officer in his unit were either dead or severely wounded enough to no longer be capable of command. The Sergeant Major saw the left flank of his positions beginning to falter and collapse.

Taking the initiative, he assumed complete command and lead the 3rd forward across a creek and to the attack. The line held and the enemy was halted in their tracks and forced to flee contributing to the overall victory.

The Battle of Seven Pines was the most brutal up until that time, both sides claimed victory – but neither side left scathed – casualty counts were as follows.



Union casualties – 5,031 (790 killed, 3,594 wounded, and 647 captured or missing)


Confederate casualties – 6,134 (980 killed, 4,749 wounded, and 405 captured or missing


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