1st Battalion, 22d Marines, 6th Marine Division
Okinawa Shima
8 June 1945

Shields_Marvin_Glen_DOB_1939HM1 Lester was a Medical Corpsman with the 1st Battalion, 22d Marines, during the heavy fighting on action against enemy Japanese forces on Okinawa Shima.

Shortly after a heavy assault by enemy forces, Lester spotted a wounded marine in an open field beyond the front lines.

In spite of a concentrated barrage from hostile machineguns, rifles, and grenades, Lester unhesitatingly crawled toward the casualty.

Wounded himself, Lester disregarded the mounting fury of Japanese fire to pull the wounded man positon with cover.

HA1 Lester was wounded a second time before he reached cover but succeeded in dragging his Marine to cover.

Too seriously wounded to administer aid himself, he instructed 2 of his squad in medical treatment and administered medical aid using their hands and saving the wounded Marine.

Lester’s experience with Combat Wounds told him his own wounds were Mortal and refused all medical aid.

He mustered all the strength left in his failing body and with calm determination, coolly and expertly directed his men in the treatment of 2 other wounded marines.

HA1 Fred F. Lester succumbed to his wounds shortly thereafter.

The Marines he was treating Lived.


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