Co B, 5th Bn, 7th Cav, 1st Cav (Airmobile)
Quang Tri Province, RVN
28 June 1968

santiago-colon.jpgSp4 Santiago-Colon was serving as a perimeter sentry when heard distinct movement in the heavily wooded area to his front and flanks.

He alerted his fellow sentries in the area, who move to their foxholes and prepared for enemy probing forces.

Heavy enemy automatic weapons and small-arms fire suddenly broke out from a concealed position and Only the muzzle flashes in the dark indicated enemy position.

Sp4 Santiago-Colon and his comrades engaged and began to repel the attackers.

An NVA Sapper managed to crawl, undetected, close enough to lob a hand grenade into Sp4. Santiago-Colon’s foxhole.

Santiago-Colon retrieved the grenade, tucked it into his stomach and, turned away from his comrades.  absorbing the full impact of the blast with his body.

He saved the lives of those who occupied the foxhole with him and provided them with the inspiration to continue fighting until they had forced the enemy to retreat from the perimeter.


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