6th U.S. Cavalry
Patian Island, Philippines
2 July 1909

miller a

While in action against hostile Moro fighters on Patian Island,  1Lt Miller defied  enemy resistance,  and reclaimed a gun position.

Miller then moved forward through withering fire to place it 20 meters out in from the enemy line.

Miller’s machinegun had the bi-pod shot off making the weapon almost impossible to aim and rendering it ineffective.

Lt Miller found pieces of wood scattered by artillery and cobble a new leg together.  Over the course of the battle Miller’s weapon was hit on several occasions requiring field repairs, each time he made repairs and continues to engage the enemy.

1Lt Miller’s valor and personal leadership in the face of the enemy encouraged and gave his men the fighting spirit needed to press on to victory.

Colonel Miller was assigned to the Air Service When the United States entered the WW1, promoted to LTC and given command of Kelly Field,  in San Antonio. He also served as Commanding Officer of the aviation camp at Waco, Texas, and Camp Greene, North Carolina.  In July 1918, Miller took command of all Air Service activities at the several training camps established on Long Island.

Miller was killed in an airplane crash in May of 1925.



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