Co A, 13th Cbt Eng Bn, 7th ID
Sokkogae, Korea
8 to 10 July 1953

schoonoverCpl. Schoonover, was in charge of an engineer demolition squad attached to an infantry company engaging the enemy in an effort to drive them vital hill.

Schoonover saw an artillery round detonate on the roof of an enemy Pill Box and ran forward leaping through the hole into the enemy position’ where he killed 1 enemy soldier and took 1 prisoner.

A day later, when friendly forces were pinned down by another enemy bunker, he dashed through the maelstrom of lead hurling grenades in the nearest firing port, then ran to the doorway and emptied his pistol, killing the remainder of the enemy.

When the enemy counterattacked he exposed himself to enemy gunners to direct his men and to call in artillery. When relief finally showed up,  Schoonover  voluntarily remained in position manning  a machine gun for several hours, to cover his men as they pulled back.

He was unable to rejoin his unit and joined the replacement company in their  assault on enemy emplacements.

Cpl Dan Schoonover was  last seen engaging the enemy at close range with an automatic weapon.  He held his ground until he was killed by Shrapnel.


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