Co C, 9th U.S. Infantry
Boxer Rebellion
Tientsin, China
13 July 1900

clashes-on-the-streets-of-beijingAt the dawn of the 20th century an insurgent force who called themselves “The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists”  started a rebellion threatening US and other western expats in port cities.

The US 9th Infantry Regiment was sent to quell what we now refer to as the Boxer Rebellion,

Pvt Von Schlick was wounded while carrying a wounded comrade out of the line of fire and to medical aid.

When he rejoined his command, occupying an exposed position, Von  Schlick voluntarily remained in position to provide covering fire and held his ground, singly keeping up the fire until he was literally shot off his position by the enemy.

MOH Citation

Von Schlick  Served in the Chinese Relief Expedition during the Boxer Rebellion as a Private in Company C, 9th United States Infantry. He was awarded the CMOH for his bravery at Tientsin, China, on July 13, 1900. His citation reads “Although previously wounded while carrying awounded comrade to a place of safety, rejoined his command, which partly occupied an exposed position upon a dike, remaining there after his command had been withdrawn, singly keeping up the fire, and obliviously presenting himself as a conspicuous target until he was literally shot off his position by the enemy”. The date of the awarding of his Medal, one of two issued posthumously from the Boxer Rebellion, was not recorded, and is unknown.


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