Company A, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion
3rd Marine Division
Da Nang, RVN
12 July 1965

Reasoner_Frank _S_DOB_19371st Lt. Reasoner’s Recon squad was deep in heavily controlled enemy territory when they were ambushed by a force of 50 to 100 Viet Cong.

Reasoner and his 5 fellow Marines were alone and cut-off from the main body of the unit.

He organized an assault on enemy positions and took the fight to them.

Repeatedly exposing himself to the enemy gunners Reasoner provided covering fire, for his Marines, killing at least 2 Viet Cong and effectively silencing an automatic weapons position.

The RTO was wounded and 1st Lt. Reasoner immediately moved to his side and tended his wounds.

His radio operator was hit a second time while he was attempting to reach a covered position.  As soon as he went down 1Lt. Reasoner courageously sprinted to his aid through the grazing machinegun to recover his buddy.

1Lt Reasoner fell mortally wounded but his indomitable fighting spirit, valiant leadership and unflinching devotion to duty provided the inspiration that was to enable the patrol to complete its mission without further casualties.

In the face of almost certain death he gave his life for his wounded brother.



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