1st Bn, 23rd Marines, 4th Marine Division
Japanese-held Tinian Island, Marianas Islands
30 July 1944

ozbournPvt Ozbourn was serving as an automatic-rifleman  during  the battle for the Japanese-held Tinian Island. Assigned the mission of clearing enemy stragglers from dugouts and pillboxes from a tree line,  Pvt. Ozbourn, along with 4 other Soldiers were moving forward toward a dugout.

They were met by the blast of a Booby-trap at the entrance. All five Americans were wounded and dazed…   an armed grenade had been blown from Ozbourn’s hand and was about to detonate amongst the wounded Americans.

Pvt. Ozbourn grabbed it, and being too severely wounded to throw it clear… he hugged it and rolled over on top of it sacrificing his own life to absorb the full impact of the explosion. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

His four brothers lived.


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