Commander, U.S.S. Parche SS-384
Enemy controlled zone – Pacific Ocean
31 July 1944

ramageWhile serving as commanding officer of U.S.S. Parche (SS-384), Cpt. Ramage conducted a pre-dawn attack a Japanese convoy.

He and his crew boldly penetrated the screen of a heavily escorted convoy and launched a surface attack delivering a crippling stern shot into a freighter.  They delivered a volley of torpedoes to sink the leading tanker and damage the second one.

Exposed by the light of bursting flares and flaming enemy vessels Parche and her crew struck again, sinking a transport with a bowshot. The enemy was disorganized and appeared confused.

Cpt Ramage calmly ordered his men to take cover below while he remained exposed on the bridge.  Ramage showed steel nerves and incredible seamanship when a swift transport attempted to ram Parche,     Cpt. Ramage swung the stern of Parche as she crossed the bow of the attacking vessel and managed to clear it by mere yards.

The evasive maneuver put the boat in a deadly crossfire from escorts on all sides.  Common sense would be to dive and run but there was one more target trying to flee.

Undaunted by the relentless enemy fire, he sent 3 bow shots to stop the target sending her to the bottom.

SS Parche and her crew took the fight to the enemy and 46 minutes of violent action, Parche sent the biggest part of the convoy either to the bottom or home for repairs.

Parche and her valiant fighting company retired from the engagement victorious and unscathed.

Vice Admiral Ramage retired from active duty  in 1969. He Passed on  15 April 1990 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

USS Ramage (DDG-61), is named in honor of Vice Admiral Lawson P. Ramage.


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