SP/4 Leonard L. Alvarado
Co D, 2nd Bn, 12th Cav, 1st Cav Div
Phuoc Long Province, RVN
12 Aug 1969
alvaradoSP/4 Alvarado and a small reaction force was moving through dense jungle to relieve another platoon when Alvarado detected enemy movement and opened fire.

Despite his quick response, the squad was pinned down by the hostile fire blocking the path to the trapped platoon.

Alvarado moved forward through the hostile machinegun fire engaging the enemy as he moved.

Although wounded several times by shrapnel Suddenly, Alvarado crawled forward to pull several wounded soldiers to cover.

Realizing they needed to break off and regroup, SP/4 Alvarado maneuvered forward alone.

Although he was repeatedly thrown to the ground by exploding satchel charges, he continued forward silencing enemy emplacements.

He laid suppressive fire until the enemy troops  broke off and withdrew

SP/4 Alvarado’s body  was found …  where he gave that ” last full measure of devotion,”

Manning his weapon; defending his brothers.


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