Co E, 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th ID
Chonghyon, Korea
5 November 1950

redcloud1Cpl Red Cloud was posted in a forward position on the point of a ridge immediately forward of his unit. He was the first to detect the approach of the Chinese Communist forces and gave the alarm.

Enemy soldiers charged Red Cloud’s position and he sprang up and engaged them muzzle to muzzle. The accuracy and intensity of the Corporal’s fire allowed the rest of his company time to organize a counter-attack and evacuate the wounded.

Armed with the courage of his Warrior ancestors were known for, Mitchel Red Cloud fearlessly held his position until severely wounded by enemy fire.

The Warrior refused assistance as he pulled himself to his feet and braced himself against a tree then continued to engage the enemy – until he was fatally wounded and He refused to die until the enemy was stopped.

It was Cpl. Red Cloud who stopped them

note: Cpl. Red Cloud also served in combat in WW2 in the Marine Corps as a Member of Carlson’s Raiders –  the original MARSOC


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