397th Infantry, 100th Infantry Division.
Rimling, France
8-9 January 1945

T/SGT Cary was commanding an anti-tank platoon when his position came under attack careyby an enemy force of approx. 200 infantrymen with a Squadron of Panzers leading the way.

Carey organized a team to rescue 2 of his squads from being overrun and evacuated the wounded to the rear.

He then organized and rallied the remainder of his platoon to advance against an enemy-held house that held a gun emplacement that was preventing the free movement of his men.

Carey approached the house, killed 2 snipers then hurled a hand grenade in the door entering immediately after the detonation.

A few minutes later emerged with 16 prisoners.

Cary immediately extracted valuable information from his prisoners resulting in American forces affecting the capture of an additional 41 Germans in adjacent houses.

T/Sgt Carey assembled another patrol, then destroyed an enemy tank with a rocket. He calmly shot the crew as they evacuated the burning tank.

Early in the morning of 9 January, German infantry moved into the western part of the town and encircled the house where T/Sgt. Carey was bunkered.

Four of his men escaped to the attic and out of the building .  T/Sgt. Carey gave his life for his brothers. He was killed as he defended the rear while his men exfilled.

No greater love.


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