Co G, 169th Inf, Reg, 43rd ID
Pangasinan Province, Philippine Islands
12 January 1945


SSG Laws was leading an assault squad as they attacked an enemy force, estimated to beLaws.jpg a reinforced infantry company, that was entrenched just beyond a narrow 70-meter-long bridge with an enemy Pill-box and rifle positions waiting on the other end.

SSG Laws traversed the hogback under vicious enemy fire until close enough to the pillbox, to toss several hand-grenades through the firing ports.

Although seriously wounded in the initial engagement SSG Laws continued his assault until he knocked out the pillbox.

SSG Laws’ actions cleared the way for other members of his unit to join him on the other side of the bridge where he led the attack on the entrenched riflemen then the advance up the hill.

Laws suffered numerous additional wounds in both arms and legs, about the body and in the head, as grenades and T-N-T charges exploded near him. 1 January 1990

Three enemy infantry rushed him with fixed bayonets. Laws dispatched two enemy soldiers with his rifle and the third in hand-to-hand combat.

Once the objective was secured, Laws was given first aid evacuated from the area while his squad completed the destruction of the enemy position.

SSG Laws made that last muster on 1 January  1990 – He was 68.


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