U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
Marine Fighting Squadron 215
New Britain Island
24 January 1944
Lt Hanson was serving as a Fighter Pilot attached to Marine Fighting Squadron 215 in 021206-M-3031H-054action against enemy Japanese forces at New Britain Island.

While flying cover for our landing operations at Empress Augusta Bay, he dauntlessly attacked 6 enemy torpedo bombers, forcing them to jettison their bombs and destroying 1 Japanese plane during the action.

Cut off from his division while deep in enemy territory over Simpson Harbor on 24 January, 1st Lt. Hanson waged a lone and gallant battle against multiple enemy interceptors as they prepared to attacked US Bombers. Before it was over, Hanson brought down 4 Zeroes and probably a fifth.

the months, he proved himself to be a master of individual air combat, accounting for a total of 25 Japanese aircraft.  The second highest kill count of WW2.

He was last seen ditching his crippled aircraft, Lt. Hanson never egressed his bird.


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