Special Forces ODA 3312
Special Operations Task Force 33
Konar Province, Afghanistan
25 January 2008

SSG Miller was serving as Weapons Sergeant for ODA 3312 during combat operations in millerAfghanistan’s Konar Province.

ODA 3312 was conducting a combat reconnaissance patrol through the Gowardesh Valley when SSG Miller and his small element of U.S. and Afghan National Army soldiers were engaged by an enemy force of 15 to 20 insurgents occupying prepared well-fortified fighting positions.

SSG Miller engaged the enemy positions with his vehicle’s turret-mounted Mark-19 automatic grenade launcher while he simultaneously relayed detailed information regarding the enemy positions to his command. Who in turn provided effective, accurate close air support.

Later SSG Miller lead a small team forward to conduct a battle damage assessment. The enemy initiated an ambush as Miller and his team entered a narrow draw assaulting from the high ground where they had significant cover.

Mullers team was out in the open with little cover or concealment[1]. The group was completely vulnerable to enemy rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapon fire.

SSG Miller was leading from the front of the patrol when he found his team cut off from supporting elements, and less than 20 meters from enemy forces.  Miller rallied his men, ordering them to retreat to a position of cover.

Then, in spite of overwhelming enemy fire, Miller charged the enemy positions providing covering fire for his men.  SSG Miller was shot in his upper torso. Ignoring the gunshot, Miller continued to take the fight to the enemy and drawing fire from over one hundred enemy fighters upon himself.

Once again he charged enemy positions, giving his teammates covering fire as they retreated to a safe rally point. Repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire Miller moved from position to position dispatching at least 10 insurgents to their god and wounding dozens more.

SSG Robert Miller’s wounds were fatal, He spent his last moments of life fighting for his brothers.

He lived and died by the Special Forces Motto.

De oppresso liber

[1] Cover vs Concealment – Cover stops bullets, Concealment means they can’t see you.


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