45th Infantry, Philippine Scouts
Bagac, Bataan Province,
Philippine Islands
3 February 1942

bianchiWhen another rifle platoon was ordered to wipe out 2 strong enemy machinegun nests. 1Lt. Bianchi voluntarily and of his own initiative, advanced with the platoon taking command of a detachment.

Bianchi was leading from the front when he was wounded twice in the arm and hand destroying his weapon. He wrapped a bandage around his hand and continued the assault with is sidearm.

He advanced on an enemy machinegun position and personally silenced it with grenades. Wounded again by multiple Machinegun rounds to his chest, 1Lt. Bianchi climbed to the top of an American tank, manned its antiaircraft machinegun, and the enemy position. An adjacent enemy position put all their fire on the exposed Pilipino Officer killing him instantly. Bianchi’s men took advantage of the diversion and were able to destroy the remaining enemy positions.  enemy position until knocked completely off the tank by a third severe wound.


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