Company A, 19th Infantry Regiment.
Sesim-ni, Korea
4 February 1951

MSG Adams’ platoon was holding an outpost some 200 yards ahead of his company, Adamswhen, at approx. 0100hrs, they came under attack by an estimated force of 250 enemy troops.

Intense small-arms, machine gun, and mortar fire from both flanks and the front forced the platoon to retreat to the company perimeter. ‘

MSG Adams spotted a force of approx. 150 hostile troops silhouetted against the horizon advancing against his platoon. Adams leaped to his feet, commanded his men to fix bayonets, then, Adams and 13 members of his platoon, charged the numerically superior force with bayonets and rifle fire.

MSG Adams was wounded in the leg and knocked to the ground. He sprang to his feet and continued on to engage the enemy. He was wounded 4 more times from Potato-masher grenades that had been thrown from so close than they each bounced off Adams before detonating.

MSG Adams lead his men, shouting orders, in a fierce bayonet charge, engaging them in hand-to-hand combat. Enemy soldiers fell left and right to Adam’s bayonet.

After nearly an hour of melee, MSG Adams and his men sent the enemy packing, leaving over 50 of their dead behind. Adams’ was ordered to pull back to the Battalion area and was providing covering fire for his men to pull back.  MSG Adams is credited with saving his battalion from annihilation.

Stanly T. Adams remained in the Army,  attaining the rank of Colonel before his discharge. Colonel Adams lived in Bend, Oregon with his wife, Jean. He died from Alzheimer’s disease on April 19 at the Oregon Veterans Home in The Dalles, Oregon. He was 76.


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