M Co. 38th INF. RGMT, 2d ID
Hoengsong, Korea
12 February 1951

Company M was holding a defensive perimeter on Hill – 300 when they were attacked by a numerically superior hostile force at longapproximately 0300 hours. Co. M was quickly overwhelmed by the massive assault and were ordered to withdraw.

Sgt. Long, who was in position as forward observer for the mortar platoon, refused evacuation volunteering to remain at his post to provide covering mortar fire on the enemy as his comrades pulled back to a defendable position.

In continuous radio communications with the Mortar platoon, Sgt. Long coolly directed accurate mortar fire on the advancing enemy. All while engaging the enemy at close quarters firing his carbine and throwing hand grenades until his position was surrounded and Sgt. Long was mortally wounded.

Sgt. Long’s actions stopped the enemy assault in its tracks, exacting a heavy toll of enemy casualties, allowing his company to withdraw, reorganize, counterattack, and retake Hill – 300


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