Co C, 4th Bn, 503d Inf
173d Airborne Bde
Republic of Viet Nam.
8 April 1967

SP/4 Michael’s squad was assigned to move forward and investigate possible enemy activity. Approximately 125 meters out the squad was engaged by a well concealed enemy position.

With the entire squad pinned down and all forward progress halted. SP/4 Michael michaelexposed himself to heavy enemy fore in order to throw 2 hand grenades then maneuvered forward to toss additional grenades into enemy positions.

He crawled back to a friendly fox hole and commandeered more hand grenades then crawled back into the fight to deliver them to enemy positions.  As he neared a bunker, an enemy soldier attacked him from a concealed position. SP/4 Michael summarily dispatched him and, was successful in destroying the enemy positions.

Michael chased the remnants of the retreating enemy continuing to engage them in their retreat. When the rest of his unit caught up with him, the young Paratrooper had been mortally wounded.

His determination and courage saved the lives of several of his fellow Paratroopers and was instrumental in overcoming the enemy force.


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