Co C, 383rd Inf. 96th Infantry Division.
Kakazu Ridge, Okinawa
9 April 1945.

PFC Moskala was walking point when concentrated machinegun and mortar fire stopped moskalahis unit in their tracks. Moskala disregarded his personal safety and charged 40 yards through devastating  enemy fire.  He and wiped out 2 machinegun nests with grenades and automatic rifle fire.

Then when a superior enemy strength forced his company to withdraw, he voluntarily remained behind with 8 other men to cover the retreat.  When the rest of his squad pulled back, Moskola held the critical position for 3 more hours.  He killed more than 25 Japanese before pulling back down the face of the ridge to a gorge.

When Moskala got word that one of his buddies had been left behind, wounded – He unhesitatingly returned to the ridge and moved across the bullet-swept slope to assist in the rescue.

He saved another casualty and killed 4 enemy infiltrators. Moskala was rendering medical aid to a fallen brother when he was mortally wounded.

PFC Edward Moskala gave his life for his brothers.

There is no greater love.


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