Company G, 30th Ohio Infantry
Vicksburg, Miss.
22 May 1863
Tasked with moving forward while carrying a Log then placing a log across a Uriah_H._Browndefensive ditch dug by Confederate troops, PVT Uriah Brown put his head down and charged toward the confederate lines.

A hail of enemy musket fire and cannonballs made any forward progress almost impossible but PVT Brown drove on. While most of the party were wounded or killed.  Brown continued forward to place his log over the ditch before shot and falling into the ditch full of water.

The rest of Brown’s party was already floundering wounded in the water.

With his 5 wounded comrades, besides himself floundering in the muddy ditch,  Brown knew he had to act or they would drown.   PVT Uriah Brown went into action.

With complete disregard of his own wounds, not to mention the barrage of enemy fire focused on his position, Brown dragged all 5 of his comrades from the ditch and to medical aid.  The log remained in place making it possible for the next party of soldiers to cross the ditch.

Brown Served in many of the significant engagements of the Civil War with the 30th Ohio. He survived the war and returned to farming.

PVT Uriah Brown died from complications related to nephritis, on 24 Jan 1927 at the age of 76.
brown headstone


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