67th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
18th Fighter-Bomber Group, 5th Air Force
over Hanchang, Korea
5 August 1950

sebilleMaj Sebille was engaging ground targets in a concealed area where a concentration of enemy troops, artillery, and armored vehicles were rallied for an attack on American troops.

During the attack Maj. Sebille’s F-51 aircraft was hit by antiaircraft fire doing significant damage to the airframe and flight characteristics.

In spite of knowing his bird wouldn’t hold together much longer Maj Sebille chose not to bail out or try to crash land, electing to continue his attack  against the enemy forces threatening the security of friendly ground troops.

In his determination to inflict maximum damage upon the enemy, Maj. Sebille again exposed himself to the intense fire of enemy gun batteries and dived on the target. Either the Maj was killed by ground fire or his aircraft was damaged to the point it he could not pull out of his attack dive.


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