5th Special Forces Grp (Abn)
Training Advisory Group
Republic of Vietnam
7 August 1971

hagen_loren_21st Lt. Hagen was commanding a small reconnaissance team operating deep within enemy-held territory.

At approximately 0630 hours the team came under attack by a much larger enemy force using heavy weapons, small arms, automatic weapons, mortar, and rocket fire. 1st Lt. Hagen successfully led this team in repelling the first enemy onslaught.

Hagen then deployed his men into more strategic defense locations before the enemy struck again.

1Lt. Hagen repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire directed as he moved about the team’s perimeter, directing fire, rallying the members, and resupplying the team with ammunition.

When he wasn’t assisting resupplying or encouraging another team member he was courageously returning small arms and hand grenade fire at the advancing enemy force.

After a direct hit on 1 of the team’s bunkers, wounding the team members inside. 1st Lt. Hagen ran toward the bunker.  The fact that the enemy force now controlled the bunker area didn’t dissuade the young Special Forces Officer..

He crawled through the enemy fire while returning small-arms fire upon the enemy force trying to get to his fallen teammates.  Undaunted 1st Lt. Hagen desperately advanced toward the destroyed bunker until he was fatally wounded by enemy small arms and automatic weapons fire.


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