18 August

SGT CLYDE THOMASON U.S. Marine Corps Raiders Japanese-held island of Makin 17-18 August 1942 Clyde Thomason enlisted in the Marines in Savannah, Georgia In December of 1934 and served in China. He honorably discharged in 1939. You know what they say about “Once a Marine…” When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Thomason immediately re-enlisted in the … Continue reading 18 August

17 August

Pfc WILLIAM A. SODERMAN Co K, 9th Inf, 2d ID Rocherath, Belgium 17 December 1944 Pfc Soderman was armed only with a bazooka as he defended a key road junction near Rocherath, during the German Ardennes counteroffensive. Enemy artillery took his Loader/Asst gunner but Soderman heard enemy armor approaching so he played possum and waited … Continue reading 17 August

16 August

Jack (the Dog) 102nd Pennsylvania Volunteers. Various Battlefields 1861 - 1864 Jack, a simple “Fire Dog”, went to war when the men of his fire company enlisted in the 102nd Pennsylvania Volunteers. Jack was wounded in battle but recovered and returned to his unit only to be captured in a future engagement. Jack is reported to have … Continue reading 16 August

14 August

CPL. LESTER HAMMOND JR. Co. A, 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team. Kumwha, Korea 14 August 1952 Cpl. Hammond was serving as a radio operator for a 6 man reconnaissance patrol. They were approx. 4 klicks into enemy-held territory when they were ambushed and surrounded by a vastly superior enemy force. The patrol engaged then tried to … Continue reading 14 August